Public Cloud Migrations

IT facilities tends to get overburdened eventually. Conventional way of setting up IT infra and applications do not scale unless designed well. Public clouds are facilities that provide you scalable computing resources on as as-you-go basis. Resources being CPU , RAM , Block Storage , Object Store , Networks , IP Addresses , Message Queues ,RDBMS and pretty much most of thing that are required to develop and operate applications and IT Infrastructure. Public clouds are scalable because of the fact that you can get more and more resources on demand ie, as when needed. Public Clouds are easy to on-board and use if you start from scratch, However migrating an existing infrastructure from a legacy setup (a.k.a OnPremise) to cloud is not always a trivial task , it requires careful planning and execution to minimise downtime of services or applications. At times even applications needs to be re-architected to take advantage of the underlying scalable platform. RedGrape offers consultancy and execution services for this.