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Welcome to Redgrape Technologies

RedGrape has been founded with the vision of bringing technology to everyone for improving the quality of life for common people. Improvement and change are the only things that are constant with time, RedGrape aims for digital transformation of small and big things that improves effeciency of people in a wide spectrum of activities. When we see around carefully we find that there are many problems that can be solved if technology is available at right cost and scale. Many a times the cost of technology is itself a deterrent in doing things better. RedGrape attempts to bring this barrier down by designing and implementing systems and solutions in a optimized and cost effective manner.

Working Methodology

At RedGrape we put ourselves in the shoes of customer and see what is best for him/her . We strongly believe that our true benefit and profit lies in bringing value to our clients. We believe in doing things in the right way even though it appears painstaking initially as we know fixing root cause and correct foundation is the base of long term stability. We strongly believe in enabling our clients for utilizing our products in the best possible manner. RedGrape has extensive experience in delivering and developing software at web-scale that are meant to work resiliently and scale transparently. RedGrape extensively uses and leverages on best of breed OpenSource software that are high quality and free from licensing costs even that large scale of operations.

Scalable WebApps

In a connected world people increasingly use digital facilities to consume services and save time. Application delivery via internet is a common cost effective and manageable solution to make softwares avialable as services. It reduces the complexity of installation and system requirements for the target audience.. Read More

Mobile App Development

The ubiquity of smartphones has placed a highly capable minature computer in hands of the masses. Smartphones are able to run custom applications popularly known as Mobile Apps or simply Apps. When was the last time you sat on your laptop or desktop ? Unless you use a computer for your regular work or job... Read More

Public Cloud Migrations

IT facilities tends to get overburdened eventually. Conventional way of setting up IT infra and applications do not scale unless designed well. Public clouds are facilities that provide you scalable computing resources on as as-you-go basis. Resources being CPU , RAM , Block Storage , Object Store , Networks ... Read More

Private Cloud Setup (OpenStack)

Public Clouds eventually becomes expensive! . You can hire a rented car service whenever you need, but would'nt you like to own your own car when you have to use it throughout the year ? The same applies to hired computing services. At scale the operational costs gets too high. Server Hardware... Read More

IoT & Custom Automations

Would'nt you want to turn off or dim the room lights automatically when no one is there ? Or turn on the geyser everyday at 6:00am and shut off at another specified time ? Myriads of products are already available that does such automation. But whatif you have a customized need of automation ... Read More

Free and OpenSource Software Consultancy

Free and OpenSource Software (FOSS) is one of the greatest phonomenon in past few decades in the field of information technology. As per Wikipedia, "Anyone is freely licensed to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way, and the source code is openly shared so that people are encouraged ... Read More

End-to-End Customized IT Solutions

When it comes to digital transformation eventually all bits and pieces of system has to get integrated into the system for maximal benefit and efficiency. IT systems usually integrate wide range of technologies and methodologies that can range from architectural design to system implementation... Read More

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